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Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: mistakes to avoid in treatment

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: mistakes to avoid in treatment

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a very common problem that can be difficult to treat. Common mistakes that you must avoid for an effective treatment of this skin darkening are numerous and can compromise the results. But what is it? What are the criteria to consider when processing?
In this article, we will take a closer look at these errors and how to escape from them. We'll also discuss the best treatments and products to use to get positive feedback.

Treatment of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: why is it ineffective?

There are several common errors when processing:

  • Neglecting the use of sun protection;
  • do not use cosmetic products suitable for your skin type;
  • apply products that are too abrasive or too aggressive.

Products that contain harsh exfoliating agents can make the problem worse and cause even more irritation and hyperpigmentation. It is advisable to choose gentle products, adapted to your skin type to avoid any additional inflammatory reaction.

It is necessary not to scratch or rub your skin during the treatment. Also, you need to be patient, as treatments can take time to bring visible results.

How to avoid mistakes when treating post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation?

To avoid errors during processing, it is important to fully understand the underlying origin. The most common causes are irritation, excessive sun and surgery.

Moisturize your skin often and do not use creams that can irritate it. You should also avoid too much sun exposure or applying UV protection products.

When choosing a treatment for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, always consult a doctor or dermatologist to ensure that the chosen treatment is the most suitable for your skin type and specific needs.

Excessive pigmentation: products and best treatments to treat this problem

Excessive skin pigmentation is a very common condition, which can cause dark or brown spots on the skin. Fortunately, specific products and treatments can help alleviate or eradicate symptoms.

The creams developed by Cyspera are particularly effective in combating this skin discoloration. These products are composed of active ingredients, designed to target the problem of overproduction of melanin. They can help reduce the appearance of spots and improve the appearance of the skin.

These creams do not present any side effects for the skin, since these products are designed to be gentle, while offering fast and lasting results.

We offer an excellent range of creams for people looking to reduce the symptoms of this skin pigmentation.

In summary, it is important to take precautions to avoid common errors during treatment, such as the use of an irritating product or the excessive use of a chemical component.